The Farm Irina Radu Anca born in Puglia, and is in the fertile campaign Trinitapoli, in the province of Foggia, where the olive trees from logs contorti create a landscape unmistakable.

Agricultural Enterprise Irina Radu Anca

Via Fortunato Justin n.20
71044 Margherita di Savoia (FG)
VAT 03385980713

Tel: (+39) 0883 652 836
Fax: (+39) 178 272 1398

Olive Oil extra Montechicco

And 'here comes the "Montechicco", which focuses on its quality, the fruit of a process that starts from the collection of olives and ends elegant presentation on the table of the finished product.

The extra virgin olive oil "Montechicco" is the genuine product produced from the first pressing of olives harvested by hand patiently by trees of their estates.

The Agricultural Enterprise deals to cultivate, gather and squeeze the olives that grow in the lands surrounding the city of Trinitapoli.

The constant passion that binds Enterprise Agricola Irina Radu Anca the precious fruit of ensures an exclusive product and unmistakable.

The favourable climate, the selection of crops of olives and a wise grinding damage to life precious extra virgin olive oil "Montechicco" with their bitter and spicy taste.

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